Certifications and memberships

Our quality programme covers a wide portfolio of the leading quality- and environmental certificates.

ISO 9001. The basic certification for all companies entailing a well conceived quality policy and a properly implemented plan enabling us to guarantee the quality of all goods and services that we supply to third parties.

ISO 14001. One of the most important environmental certificates, guaranteeing that our company has a well conceived environmental policy and a system that produces continual environmental improvements to the operation, aimed at sustainable development.

IDEA (Independent Distributors of Electronics Association). Rotakorn is a member of IDEA, a not-for-profit member organisation for independent suppliers of electronic equipment and components. Among other things IDEA pursues issues involving inspection and quality control of electronic components that are traded on the open market.

ERAI. Membership of ERAI, an organisation for risk analysis and information for everyone working with independent suppliers of third parties.

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